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Automotive Hall Sensor IC
Automotive Hall Sensor IC
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Chipways' Hall Sensor IC   is a latch Hall-Effect Magnet IC, with high sensitivity and wide operating temperature range. It is the smallest power comsumption chip in the industry, using leading packaging technology, internal integration of a variety of protection circuits, to ensure that chips could work in extreme conditions.

Hall Sensor IC has many advantages, such as firm structure, small volume, light weight, long life, convenient installation, small power comsumption, high frequency, anti-vibration and does not fear dust,the greasy dirt, the water vapor, salt. It has widespread application in auto industry.

Features and Advantages

  1. Widely application: high sensitivity, high precision, high response frequency, small volume, convenient installation, with 3 v ~ 36 v voltage input range, can support - 40 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ temperature range of application;

  2. High integration : the voltage stabilizing circuit, hall element, chopper stabilization amplifier, hysteresis comparator, digital latch and temperature compensation circuit are integrated into a single chip, with higher reliability and lower failure efficiency;

  3. High safety and reliability: integrated reverse voltage, over voltage, over current and over temperature protection, including -22v reverse power protection function, can withstand up to 40V transient voltage, with strong electromagnetic compatibility and high safety ESD level ;

  4. Temperature stability: the magneto-electric characteristics of hall element change little with the temperature, the temperature stability performance is superior;

  5. Meet the automotive test aec-q100 reliability standard requirements.


Body control Module(BCM)、Brushless Direct Motor、Valve / Solenoid Valve Status 、Folw-Meter


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