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七乐彩和值走势图500:Chipways won the "Excellent Start-up Enterprise" in Shanghai

浙江七乐彩走势图2 On May 25th, the award ceremony of 2019 "entrepreneurship in Shanghai" international innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held in Shanghai science and technology museum by municipal science and technology commission, municipal development and reform commission, municipal economic and information technology commission, municipal education commission, municipal human resources and social security bureau, league party committee, municipal federation of industry and commerce, and zhangjiang high-tech zone management committee. Chipways was successfully selected and awarded as an excellent start-up enterprise in Shanghai.


With the theme of "entrepreneurship in Shanghai", the Shanghai international innovation and entrepreneurship competition aims to promote the innovative development of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises, publicize innovation and entrepreneurship figures, establish innovation and entrepreneurship brands, create a group of science and technology entrepreneurship stars, stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Since 2012, the Shanghai innovation and entrepreneurship competition has been successfully held for eight consecutive times, creating a batch of stars of science and technology entrepreneurship and inspiring the enthusiasm of the whole society for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Competition this year to open and fusion, promoted the idea, further highlight the district in the center of the Shanghai kechuang industrial innovation of the construction of the function orientation, linkage 16 in Shanghai area, 76 the space as the points match point, strive to build "entrepreneurship" in Shanghai international innovation entrepreneurship competition show Shanghai entrepreneurship "stage" and "business card".

After strict selection, Chipways has won the “excellent entrepreneurial enterprise” in Shanghai, which will further promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and make contributions to Shanghai's construction of a science and innovation center.

Product introduction

XL3600 has been gradually stabilized and mass produced, and the momentum of XL6600 series MCU is even better, with huge market potential, it has won the award of "Automobile Electronics Innovation Enterprise and Product of 2019". At the same time, in the boom of new energy vehicles, Chipways began to develop new energy car BMS chip several years ago. At present, the BMS XL8800 has been successfully streaming, Chipways will be in the field of new energy vehicles to show great ambitions.

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