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七乐彩走势图带坐标带连线:Chipways won the "Automotive Electronics Innovation Enterprise and Product in 2019"

浙江七乐彩走势图2 On May 24, by the National IC Design Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Brake Committee, Jointly Organized by Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society, State-level Lingang Industrial Park, Shanghai Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone by the magazine of "China's integrated circuit undertake concretely the 7th"Automotive Electronic Innovation Forum (AEIF), IC Design Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, Automobile Electronic Technology Branch of China Automotive Engineering Institute, Shanghai Automotive Engineering Society and China Integrated Circuit magazine special organization to carry out the" 2019 "Innovative Automotive Electronic Enterprises and Products.


This selection activity has been widely concerned by the industry and the active participation of relevant enterprises, up to 14 products. After the comparison and repeated selection by experts review panel from the academia, automobile industry and chip industry, Chipways Automotive Microcontroller XL6600 MCU won the innovation product award.

                                                                          The winning products


XL6600   MCU is the first automotive microcontroller chip in China that meets both aec-q100 and ISO26262 functional safety standards. Based on the ARM cortex-m3 kernel, it focuses on low power and high performance, and integrates and optimizes cost-sensitive applications.   XL6600 MCU offers scalable solutions for a wide range of vehicle electronics applications. In addition, it has complete software and hardware supporting development resources, supports MDK, IAR and other development tools, and provides BLDC motor control and other reference design to help customers get started quickly.

Key features of the XL6600 series MCU :

  • 32-bit low power and high performance MCU

  • ARM cortex-m3 kernel, the main frequency up to 104MHz

  • Wide operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ 125℃

  • Voltage range: 2.7v ~ 5.5v

  • 24 channels configure 8/10/12 bit ADC

  • 256KB Flash (with ECC), 24KB SRAM, 32KB EEPROM

  • High security and reliability: software and hardware double watchdog, clock monitoring; Integrated over temperature protection, short circuit protection, clock fault detection, strong electromagnetic compatibility ESD grade (±8K)

  • Supports various communication interfaces: CAN FD, CAN, LIN, UART, I2C, SPI, etc

  • Meets the strict automotive aec-q 100 reliability standard requirements

  • Meets the requirements of ISO26262 automotive functional safety grade standard ASIL-B

Application field

XL6600   MCU has been in small-scale production since 2018, and is mainly used in automobile body control, central control instrument, LED lights, skylights/Windows/doors and other fields. Once launched, the product has been favored by several well-known domestic enterprises. In the future, XL6600 MCU will be mass produced in large scale to provide more enterprises with professional quality services and create higher value.

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